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18 December 2023
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What is bj? What is the meaning of BJ in massage?
BJ = Blow Job (BJ is the abbreviation for Blow Job), translated into Vietnamese as oral QH. If we say it a bit crudely, it is the form of "blowing the trumpet" or "eating bananas" that people often joke about. This is a form of sexual intercourse in which the woman (girl) will use her mouth to stimulate the male genitals (penis) to help the man achieve maximum orgasm. When going for a massage, men can choose to use the BJ (Blow Job) service in moderation, or they can ask the staff to stop performing the BJ (without ejaculating into the mouth) or request to ejaculate completely into the mouth. (CIA service). Men really like BJ, so women should learn the skills to be able to "blowjob" guys really well and skillfully.
What is HJ? What is HJ in massage?
HJ is the acronym for Hand Job. HJ massage is a form of manual intercourse. When going for a massage and using HJ services, men will be massaged by a woman, using their hands to stimulate sensitive parts (penis). However, HJ is a bit more extensive than other forms, and can use additional techniques such as applying lubricating gel, using the mouth to suck, and increase pleasure for men.

What is CIA? What's special about CIA massage?

CIA is the abbreviation Cum In Alo. This is an action performed after BJ, the man will ejaculate into his partner's mouth and of course the woman will swallow it whole or can suck it after the man has ejaculated.
The CIA is considered very interesting by men. They create a feeling of excitement and climax for them. Of course, to get the CIA, the price you have to pay for the service is also a bit higher.

What is WC? What's interesting about the toilet in massage?

WC = anilingus
WC in massage is a very rare service, accompanied by Bj, Hj services.. WC in the relaxing massage industry is defined as cleaning the anus, licking the ass,... using many different techniques. , will give a feeling of enjoyment. However, the toilet service is very limited, so the ticket price will be quite high.

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